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If you are new to the world of cannanbis-based healing and wondering where to start, our site is for you! We do CBD Oil reviews that will help you understand both what cbd oil is used for and how you can apply it to your life.

In addition to CBD oil, we cover both hemp and cannabis oils as well. These three oils are very different despite coming from the same plant family, so before you jump in, take some time to evaluate which oil is right for you.

There are several fundamentals that make cannabis, hemp, and CBD oil different from one another. Click on the tabs below to find out more about what separates the three!

Cannabis oil and hemp oil bottles

Hemp oil – also known as Hempseed oil – is a great nutritional supplement. Hemp oils are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and tons of minerals and vitamins including vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc. These fats and minerals may support anti-inflammation, hair, skin, nails, blood pressure regulation, and heart health.


While the term ‘hemp oil’ is often used interchangeably with cannabis or CBD oil, the difference is that hemp oil is made from cold-pressing hemp seeds and usually contains little or no THC and very little CBD compared to other cannabis oils.


In fact, most hemp oils contain less than 0.02% CBD compared to as much as 15% CBD found in other oils.

Since there is very little THC found in hemp oil, there are no psychoactive effects. 
Translation: hemp oil does not get you ‘high’, but offers a number of health benefits as a nutritional supplement. However, if you are looking for something that offers more substantial psychoactive benefits like improved mood and better sleep, look to other cannabis oils. 


CBD oil can be made from either the marijuana or the hemp plant and, unlike hempseed oils, CBD oils are made from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant or the whole marijuana plant.

CBD Oils contain far more of the cancer-preventing, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving cannabidnols than hemp oil, making this the choice for users who suffer from arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, seizures, and mood disorders.

In the United States CBD oil is not legal at the Federal level, and is considered a Schedule 1 substance under the Drug Enforcement Agency Controlled Substances Act which states that “The term ‘marihuana’ means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of such plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such plant, its seeds or resin. Such term does not include the mature stalks of such plant, fiber produced from such stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of such plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such mature stalks (except the resin extracted therefrom), fiber, oil, or cake, or the sterilized seed of such plant which is incapable of germination.” 21 U.S.C. § 802

But the laws are always changing, and in states where marijuana has been legalized, CBD oil that contains less than 0.3% THC is sold over the counter

Translation: CBD oil is more potent than hempseed oil, particularly in the treatment of mental health issues, mood disorders, and cancer. Hemp derived CBD oil can be purchased legally and over the counter, but marijuana derived CBD oil requires a prescription if the THC levels are higher than 0.03%


Like CBD oil, cannabis oils derive their name as they are extracts of cannabis plants. But its properties, legality (depending on jurisdiction) and use may differ depending on which plant it is derived from — hemp or marijuana.

While CBD oil still has THC in it, it is CBD-dominant. Cannabis oils tend to be more THC dominant.

Thats because Cannabis oil, as it is widely understood, is made from marijuana extracts rather than hemp extracts, and these plants can contain anywhere from 5% to 30% THC content. Since marijuana use is not legal in all states and in several parts of the world, its use is restricted only to those with authentic medical prescriptions.

Cannabis oil is the most potent of the three oils that you can get your hands on. It requires a prescription in places where marijuana has not been legalized, and depending on the levels of THC can have substantial psychoactive effects.


How To Use Hemp, CBD, And

Inhaling cannabis oil using a vape pen and cbd vape juice is the best method of taking your oils.

Method 1:

Inhaling With CBD Vape Oil and Pens

Inhalation is the best way to take CBD oil. HOWEVER, The problem with smoking marijuana or anything else is that inhaling smoke raises your chances of developing cancer.

Thats why we suggest using CBD oil vapes and vape juice!

A 2013 study in the journal Tobacco Control found that the harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes and vapes occurred at levels 9 to 450 times lower than in regular cigarette smoke.

Not only does vaping offer a significantly lower level of cancer risk, it also delivers more cannabinoids to your blood plasma than any other method of consumption.

That makes vaping the best way to take cannabis oils!

Method 2:

Cannabis And Hemp Oil Creams, Salves, and Sprays

Topicals are ways that you can use cannabis oils locally where the pain or discomfort is felt. Topicals can also be in the form of creams, sprays or salves. This method is great for those who only want localized treatments instead of the cerebral and ‘whole body’ effects of THC.

Method 3:

CBD Oil Edibles

Inhaling might be the best way to take CBD and cannabis oil, but for me edibles are the most fun! Edibles are made by using cannabis oil as an ingredient in a food or beverage.

All three — cannabis oil, CBD oil and hemp oil — can be consumed through tinctures. Tinctures are alcohol-based oil extracts placed under your tongue drop by drop. The good thing is that it lets you measure how much you’re taking so you know exactly how much is effective enough for you.

While edibles and tinctures may take longer than vaping to kick in, the effects last longer.

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